Beautiful Arctic Foxes That Will Melt Your Heart Not Freeze


Arctic foxes are gorgeous animals. They have white, brown, and gray coats, depending on the time of the year. They are able to survive in the Arctic Tundra and have thick coats of fur that keep them warm.

** The featured image on this post could possibly be a white color morph of a red fox but is still heartwarming nonetheless!

1. Arctic foxes have fur on the pads of their feet that keep them from freezing.


2. They feed mostly on lemmings and rodents.


2. Arctic foxes have beautiful yellow and orange eyes.


3. Arctic foxes are the only native mammal of Iceland.


4. Arctic foxes are sometimes bred as pets or saved from fur farms.


5. They are monogamous and are great parents.

An Arctic Fox in captivity.

6. Arctic foxes choose dens with vegetation and tend to them like winter gardens!


7. The arctic fox has the warmest pelt and fur of all the animals found in the arctic.

8. The color of the arctic fox’s fur changes with the seasons.


9. Despite being hunted in large numbers for their fur they are not endangered.


10. Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting. ++ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Arctic Fox Cubs

These foxes are sure to make your day a little warmer and a little brighter, despite their habitat. Foxes are stunning creatures that are full of love and curiosity. It’s no wonder that they make so many people happy.

Foxes usually mate in January to February and have their kits around April through July (fox babies are called kits). Most foxes are monogamous and mate for life! Some foxes have two litters per year with a fall litter as well. What could be cuter than baby foxes?

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