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Foxes are one of the most fascinating animals out there. They’ve made their homes all over the world and have learned to adapt and survive.

Where do foxes live? Foxes live in many countries around the world. The red fox is one of the most widely dispersed animals on the planet, crossing continents and surviving in almost every condition and climate known to man. Foxes live in forests, grasslands, deserts, and the Arctic Tundra.

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If you have ever been curious as to where do foxes live, then this list is for you! Let’s dive right in.

1. United States

Do foxes live in the United States? Yes, foxes live all across the United States. From the north to the south, foxes have made their homes in just about every state in America.


The United States is home to 3 types of foxes, the red fox, gray fox, and the kit fox. The red fox lives in most parts of the country and is one of the most common foxes in North America.

The gray fox lives in many parts of the united states, down to the southern parts. They are common in states like Oklahoma and Texas.

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The kit fox lives in northern and southern parts of the United States and is sometimes called the American fennec fox, due to them having very large ears.

2. Canada

Do foxes live in Canada? Yes, foxes live in many parts of Canada. Foxes occupy most northern regions in the world. The red fox is the most common fox in Canada; however, gray foxes, arctic foxes, and swift foxes can also be found there.


The arctic fox can be found in the Arctic regions of Canada. The swift fox and gray fox can be found in southern parts such as Manitoba and Ontario.

3. Mexico

Do foxes live in Mexico? Yes, Mexico is home to kit foxes. Although foxes generally occupy mostly northern regions the kit fox can be found in Mexican and parts of South America.


The swift fox has moved down further south throughout the years and has claimed Mexico as part of its home geography.

4. Iceland

Do foxes live in Iceland? Yes! The arctic fox lives in Iceland, as well as other parts of the Arctic tundra. The arctic fox can live in very cold conditions and has adapted by growing fur on the bottom of their feet/footpads. This keeps them from getting frostbite while walking through the snow.


The arctic fox is the only land mammal that is native to Iceland.

5. Russia

Do foxes live in Russia? Yes, foxes live in many parts of Russia. The red fox is the most common fox that lives in Russia. Arctic foxes also live in the northern parts of Russia, and often the red fox and arctic fox run into each other’s territories.


Siberia is a vast Russian provenance and is home to red foxes and arctic foxes. Many years ago, a domesticated fox program began in Siberia, where the red fox was domesticated through experiments that exist to this day.

6. Africa

Do foxes live in Africa? Yes, Africa is a diverse continent that is home to a few different types of foxes. The most common is the red fox. It is also home to more than one species of desert fox, such as the fennec fox and the Ruppel’s fox.


The red fox lives in many of the grasslands while the desert foxes live in, you guessed it, the desert regions.

7. Great Britain  

Do foxes live in Great Britain? Yes, foxes are known to live in Great Britain. The red fox lives in many parts of Britain including London, Leeds, and Bristol.


The red fox is the most common fox in Great Britain and has made its home in the wilderness as well as the cities. The urban fox is a well-known phenomenon in England.

8. Arabia

Do foxes live in Arabia? Yes, foxes live in many parts of Arabia and the Middle East. It is home to multiple desert foxes, red foxes, and subspecies of red foxes that are unique to Arabia.


Fennec foxes and Ruppel’s foxes have made their homes in the desert regions of Arabia. There is also a subspecies of red fox that is native to Arabia known as the Arabian red fox (Vulpes vulpes arabica).

8. Australia

Do foxes live in Australia? Yes, while foxes are not native to Australia, they were brought in by the English for hunting purposes.


The red fox is the only fox species that lives in Australia and is sometimes known as the Australian red fox. Unfortunately, many people see it as a pest and a danger to the wildlife there. It is also accepted that their new role there is oftentimes misunderstood.

9. Norway

Do foxes live in Norway? Yes, Norway is another northern part of the world where foxes have learned to live and adapt.

Norway is home to the arctic fox, who has learned to adapt to the harsh winters as well as thrive in the countryside. Scientists in Norway have even tracked arctic foxes with GPS trackers, where they have walked nearly 80 miles into Canada!

10. Asia

Do foxes live in Asia? Yes, Asia is another place where foxes thrive. Asia is home to the Blandford’s fox, corsac fox, the Tibetan fox, and the red fox.


Foxes seem to thrive in almost every region in the world. They have even made their way to Japan where a subspecies of red foxes called the Ezo red fox (Vulpes vulpes schrencki) have learned to adapt very well, eating mostly human foods and dead salmon that has spawned up rivers.

Habitats Where Foxes Live

Foxes live in many parts of the world, in diverse habitats and regions. They make their homes in the deserts, grasslands, woodlands, forests and even in the Arctic tundra. They seem to only be absent from Oceanic regions.

Red Fox Distribution. Source.

They raise their young by digging and burrowing dens in the dirt, sand, and snow. Foxes use their dens primarily for mating and raising their kits (baby foxes). They have adapted extremely well and are one of the most common mammals in the world. You can determine if foxes live in your area by analyzing tracks left behind by animals. Fox tracks are easy to tell apart from other animals.

They have crossed multiple continents and continue to this day to be one of the most mysterious and beautiful creatures out there.

If one were to answer: Where do foxes live, the answer would probably be, just about everywhere! Though that is not entirely true.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do foxes live in the UK?

Yes, foxes live in the UK, England, and Great Britain. The most common fox there is the red fox.

Do foxes live in New Zealand?

No, foxes do not live in New Zealand. Foxes were introduced to many places where they had a negative effect on the ecosystems.

Do foxes live in Hawaii?

No, foxes do not live in Hawaii. There are only two mammals native to Hawaii and the fox is not one of them.

Do foxes live in Ireland?

Yes, foxes live in Ireland in both the countryside and in the urban cities. The red fox is the most common fox in Ireland.

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