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Christmas is a special time of year. It can be even more special when a thoughtful gift is given to someone you love. This is for all of the fox fans out there, our number one Christmas fox gift pick, followed by the ultimate fox Christmas gifts list.

The best Christmas fox gift that you can give to someone obsessed with foxes, is one that has some kind of special meaning, a fox blanket, a fox stuffed animal, a fox snowglobe. Anything that has foxes, is probably going to hit that spot for any fox lover.

🦊 This list is made up of items and products from our official store! As well as hand-picked recommendations from Amazon. After clicking one of these affiliate links, ill earn some coffee money which I promise to drink while creating more helpful fox content.

#1 Fox Snow Globe | First Day of Christmas

Our number one fox Christmas gift is the Fox and Bear snow globe. Fox snow globes are a unique way to celebrate your love for foxes and Christmas. Foxes thrive in the northern hemisphere, and winter truly is their wonderland.

This globe has a fox and a bear in a wooded setting, with a crescent moon above them. It has a sleek white design, and brings the Christmas spirit out, with a touch of foxy celebration.

#2 Fox Coffee Mugs | Second Day of Christmas

Fox coffee mugs are a fantastic way to keep warm on a cold night. You can use them for any kind of warm beverage, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or whatever you fancy. My favorite fox coffee mug is the for fox sake design. Why not have a little fun with your morning coffee.

My second favorite fox coffee mug is our Coffee & Foxes design. I own this mug and love it. Two things I love, could not pair up any better. We even have a line of Coffee & Foxes limited prints!

I love foxes, I always have. I have a collection of fox items that I cherish and hold dear. Christmas is an opportunity where you get a chance to give gifts to those you love. That’s why I have put together this list of all the things I would want as a fox fanatic, so you can get an idea of what to get your loved one/Christmas Fox.

#3 Fox Blanket | Third Day of Christmas

Fox blankets are cozy and full of charm. Blankets become keepsakes, for you, or your child. They can be passed down for generations. If you, or someone you love, adores foxes, then check out this list of 3 fox blankets that will warm up your foxy soul.

More Fox Blankets

BORITAR Fox Throw Blanket

Dawhud Fox Soft Plush Fleece

Chanasya Fox Throw Blanket

Winter Fox Throw Blanket

With a fox blanket, you get the kind of gift that lives on. You can keep your fox theme on your bed, or your couch or even just a throw to put over yourself on chilly days.

#4 Fox Stickers | The Fourth Day of Christmas

If you’re anything like me, then you love stickers. My laptop is covered in fox stickers! Fox stickers allow you to express your foxiness just about anywhere that you can slap on a sticker. Your car, your refrigerator, heck even your mirror.

These fox stickers are from our official store and are high-quality. These are perfect for stocking stuffers and small gift bags. Make your Christmas even more special this year with one of these awesome fox stickers.

#5 Fox Stuffed Animal | The Fifth Day of Christmas

Fox stuffed animals are perhaps one of the cutest, and greatest comforts you can give or receive as a fox lover. Stuffed animals are great for all ages, young children, collectors, and even adults who just love foxes. Chances are if you are obsessed with foxes, you have at least one fox stuff animal in your collection.

More Fox Stuffed Animals

Jellycat Cordy Roy Fox Stuffed Animal

Emory Fox Plush Stuffed Animal

Fox and Friends Tree House Stuffed Animal

Squishmallow FIFI Fox Plushie

If not, then now is the time! We have handpicked these awesome stuffed animals, that you can give to your special fox this Christmas. These stuffed animals can be passed down and kept for years.

#6 Fox Christmas Stocking | The Sixth Day of Christmas

Christmas tradition is one of the best ways for a family to show each other just how much they care. Fox Christmas stockings are a great way to give the whole family a touch of foxy spirit. These fox Christmas stockings will hang on your mantle with joy.

More Christmas Fox Stockings

Woodland Star Fox Stocking

Cute Fox Stocking

Fox and Tree Stocking

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the tiny gifts that we get in our Christmas stockings. I love to find an assortment of candy, stickers, and other cool stuff hanging in my fox Christmas stocking!

#7 Fox Night Light | The Seventh Day of Christmas

Share your cozy nights, with a fox night light. These night lights are going to light up your room, just enough for you to fall fast asleep. Fox night lights are a fun gift to give to a young one or someone who needs a little bit of a glow.

More Fox Night Lights

SomeShine Fox Night Light

Lights4fun Battery Night Light

Winter Fox Night Light

Foxes are sweet animals, that match well with the comfort of a well lit night. You can find something to love in one of these awesome night lights, for yourself, or as a gift to someone else.

#8 Fox Ornaments | The Eighth Day of Christmas

Decorating a tree can be a fun and exciting precursor to Christmas Eve and day. If you’re a fox collector like me, then you have collected all kinds of fun fox related stuff, including fox ornaments. Fox Christmas ornaments can be an awesome way to decorate your tree with the animal that you cherish the most.

More Fox Ornaments

Hallmark Fox Cupcake Ornament

Fox in Sweater Ornament

Fox Ornament Set of 4

Family of Foxes Ornament

Fox ornaments are the best way to throw a little bit of fox into your Christmas. Decorate your tree, your wreaths, and even your bedroom with these fun fox Christmas ornaments.

#9 Fox Jewelry | The Ninth Day of Christmas

I like to wear things that express how I feel. Fox Jewelry is something that allows you to put your love for foxes on display. This is a hand-picked list of some of the best fox jewelry, that any fox lover would cherish.

More Fox Jewelry

Happy Kisses Fox Necklace

Forever in my Heart Fox Necklace

Crystal Fox Pendant Necklace

Silver Fox Origami Ear Studs

Fox Jewelry is an awesome Christmas present, that will last for years. Whether it is a gift for yourself, or someone special, let this list of Christmas fox jewelry give you some inspiration this holiday season.

#10 Fox Shirts | The Tenth Day of Christmas

I own more than one fox shirt, and I’m not ashamed one bit! Fox shirts make an excellent Christmas gift. You can spread the spirit of Christmas while appealing to someone’s love for foxes. Our store has a ton of awesome fox shirts and designs for you to choose from.

Any of these shirts would be a great addition to a fox fans shirt collection. We make quality clothing, that is ships fast, and will make you or your loved one very happy.

#11 Fox Sweaters | The Eleventh Day of Christmas

Fox sweaters may be the most Christmas thing you can give a fox fan this Christmas. Winter weather always brings out the best things, like sweaters, hot chocolate, and other fun stuff that is seasonal. With these fox sweaters, you can look your Christmas best.

More Fox Sweaters

Green Fox Christmas Sweater

Just a Girl Who Loves Foxes Hoodie

Sweaters with foxes are the ultimate way to wear an ugly sweater with a little bit of taste. We love foxes, so why not make your Christmas sweater statement, a little foxier this year.

#12 Fox Pillows | The Twelfth Day of Christmas

To lay your head on a fox pillow is probably the best way to get close to these marvelous animals! Fox pillows are a comfortable way to relax, and snuggle with your favorite animal, the fox of course! While most of us can’t snuggle up to a fox, in reality, we can at least have a little slice of heaven with fox pillows.

More Fox Pillows

Fox Plushie Pillow

If you have ever wanted to decorate your room or a couch with foxes, then these fox pillows may be your best chance, to turn any space into a foxy one. I even carry a fox pillow in my car, for when I need a fox nap!


When it comes to the holiday seasons, Christmas is at the top of my list of favorites. Why not celebrate this year with a truly sentimental Christmas fox gift, that will make you, or a loved one smile with joy. This Christmas fox list should have a few items on your foxy Christmas list.

Even if you have already done all your shopping for the family, there is always you to consider! Buy yourself something foxy this year and help bring in the new year with a new fox item for your collection.

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