Do Polar Bears Eat Arctic Foxes: Ultimate Guide

Arctic foxes are also known as the white fox, snow fox, or polar fox that is found in the Arctic regions in the Northern Hemisphere and North Pole.

These small foxes are found in the cold tundra of the Arctic and are therefore incredibly hardy animals that can survive some of the coldest and harshest winters in the world. 

Despite their fluffy fur, short ears, and short muzzle, these foxes are not cute and cuddly friends. They are extremely smart and agile predators, feasting upon any animals alive or dead, that they can find in the wilds of the Arctic.

However, they are not without their own predators to watch out for. So, what exactly do Arctic foxes eat, and do polar bears eat arctic foxes?  

What do Arctic Foxes eat?

Arctic foxes are actually very opportunistic feeders, and will literally try to eat anything that they can find. Whether that is dead animals left by other predators, or small mammals that they can hunt and find in their vicinity. 

In addition, Arctic foxes may also eat insects, animal eggs, berries and other small fruits that they can find. They may also eat small rodents, voles, lemmings and other little animals that they can feast upon, making them omnivores.

Do Polar Bears eat Arctic Foxes?

Seeing as Polar Bears and Arctic Foxes live in the same region and environment, you may be wondering if the Arctic fox is preyed upon by the Polar Bear.

As both mammals are omnivores, they may run into each other from time to time in their search for food and sustenance in the bitter cold and barren conditions. 

The Polar Bear is actually the apex predator in the arctic region and therefore no other predator is able to stop the bear or stand in its way. As such, the Arctic Fox naturally can become the prey of the Polar Bear, but this is not its standard prey of choice. 

Most Polar bears will sustain themselves with a diet of seal, fish, or scavenge on the carcasses of beluga whales, walruses and other types of whales.

If they cannot find seals to eat, then it is not uncommon for a polar bear to eat an arctic fox, as a polar bear will kill and eat anything that it comes across if it cannot find other food sources. 

In addition, polar bears are ruthless killers. They may even attack and kill their own kind, or eat other bear’s cubs in order to survive and thrive in the tundra of the Arctic. 

Do Arctic Foxes follow polar bears?

Despite being a natural part of a polar bear’s food chain, Arctic Foxes can sometimes follow polar bears around. However, this is only when food is scarce and they cannot find prey to hunt or dead animals to scavenge from. 

As the Polar Bear is the apex and ultimate predator in the Arctic, they are the most likely to find prey and successfully hunt and kill.

During the summer, an Arctic Fox may find food and prey in abundance, and so will the Polar Bear. However, in the winter months, food can be harder to come by, and animals must do what they can in order to survive.

It is in these circumstances where the Arctic Fox may trail, follow or stalk the polar bear from afar, and scavenge food from the remains of their prey and kills.

However, they have to be cautious as a hungry Polar Bear is no stranger to eating an Arctic Fox! 

What do Polar Bears eat?

Polar Bears can sometimes eat Arctic Foxes, but it is not typically their prey of choice. For the most part, Polar Bears will wait at the edges of water for seals and walruses to come up for air, and will attack and kill them for food. 

They may also eat harp, bearded seals and ringed seals as their main source of food, and scavenge off the bodies of whales and other wildlife.

However, Polar Bears also have no natural predators, so they can literally hunt and kill whatever they like, or whatever they can find in the harsh conditions of the Arctic.

What other predators eat Arctic Foxes?

It is not only the polar bear that may hunt and kill the Arctic fox if needed. The Arctic Fox has a few other predators to watch out for.

These tend to be animals that are much larger and more adept at hunting than them, such as wolves, golden eagles, grizzly bears and even humans. 


To summarize, Arctic Foxes can sometimes become the prey of Polar Bears, but they are not their regular food source. Polar bears will usually only kill and eat Arctic Foxes when food is scarce and hard to find. 

Chad Fox

Chad Fox is an author and researcher dedicated to bringing reliable information about foxes to the public. He supports animal sanctuary awareness.

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