20 Best Fox Costumes | Fox Costumes for Halloween

Fox costumes are a fun way to express your love for foxes. This is a list of our favorite fox costumes for Halloween. What is the best way to spend a haunted evening? With fox ears, a sly grin, and a foxy tail, of course!

Fox costumes, designed for adults, teens, and children. Halloween fox costumes, fox ears, and tails, for any occasion. Dress up like a fox, with fox masks, fox bodysuits, and other awesome fox accessories.

Fall is my favorite time of year, and Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays. Dressing up has always been a tradition in my family, and dressing up as a fox is my favorite thing to be!

Scroll down to see the fox makeup tutorial!

Our Fox Costume Top Pick

This is our top pick for fox Halloween costume! This fun, and sexy fox costume for women. It is a full bodysuit with a hood, ears, and tail. Stand out at your next Halloween party with this next-level adult fox costume.

Why You Should Be a Fox This Halloween

Everyone wishes they could be a fox. So why not be! This Halloween you should let down your guard, and be the sexy fox you know that you can be. There are a ton of awesome fox Halloween costumes, that will have you glowing at the Halloween party. Be the sly fox, that lands the date with the hot Rocker chick! OR the fox gal that keeps bumping her crush with her tail!

Being a fox can be easy, just throw on some ears and a tail, and you’re complete. Or you can go with something a little more over-the-top, like a full fox bodysuit! Foxes get a lot of compliments, just saying.


Fox Costumes For Adults

Who says adults can’t have fun? Our fox costumes for adults will add a little bit of spice to your costume game. Every party has a couple of people dressed up as the same new popular character, but only one person comes in sly as a fox. Making your rounds and collecting all of the fun party gifts.

There is no age limit to being a fox. Let your grownup voice sing, in one of these fox costumes that we have picked out just for YOU.

Fox Halloween Costumes for Adults

Do adults get boring as they get older? Heck no! We adapt, improvise, and we have fun like a fox! Our golden years may have passed, but our super foxy older years have just arrived. Get down with these awesome fox costumes for adults.

More popular adult fox costumes:

  1. Cozy Fox Costume
  2. Adult Fox Costume
  3. Lady Fox Costume

What Does the Fox Say?

What does the fox say Halloween light show!

9 out of 10 foxes agree, that dressing up like a fox is the best idea ever, and the 10th fox was too buzzed to answer. Halloween is not the only time you can dress like a fox either!

More Foxy Occasions

  • Just for fun
  • Cosplay
  • Plays
  • Special nights (wink)

There are endless reasons why wearing a fox costume just makes sense. Slip on those ears, and wag that tail! You can be the fox you’ve always wanted to be.

Fox Costumes for Kids

Kids can have foxy fun too! Here is our list of the very coolest fox costumes for kids. What a fun way to express yourself. Make sure you or your kids are their very foxy best this Halloween.

If foxes are your favorite animal, then look no further. We love foxes too and have chosen these fox costumes as the very best fox Halloween Costumes for kids.

Fox Halloween Costumes for Kids

More popular Fox Kids Costumes

  1. Fox Halloween Costume for Girls
  2. Teen Girl Fox Costume

Fox Costumes for Babies

Babies and toddlers need costumes too! Nothing is as cute in a fox costume as a baby! Well, maybe a momma fox with her baby! These fox costumes for babies will have you feeling extra foxy this Halloween.

Babies are too young to know just how cute they are. But with a cute baby fox costume, your pictures will last a lifetime! Baby fox on board y’all!

Fox Halloween Costumes for Babies

These are fun fox costumes for babies that will have your little fox looking like a million dollars. These costumes are safe, and made just for babies, and toddlers! Get your fox on, with these awesome costumes.

More Baby Fox Costumes

  1. Freddy the Fox Costume
  2. Cute Baby Fox Costume

Fox Masks Fox Ears Tails and Accessories

Fox masks, fox ears, tails, and accessories for fox lovers who want to look foxy without fully dressing up. You may just want to wear some fox ears and some makeup.

Or maybe you want the ears and tail, either way, it’s an easy way to dress up with less of the fuss.

Fox tails are also a super fun way to show your foxy side or backside. These fox tails will have you wanting to wag your way into the party, just to show everyone that you don’t fox around!

Fox Ears & Tails

More Ears and Tails

  1. Clip-On Fox Tail
  2. Sexy Ears and Tail

Just in case you just want to rock a fox mask this Halloween, we’ve also put together a list of our favorite fox masks that will have you looking like a fox lickedy split! Just slip on your fox mask and let the fun begin.

Fox Masks

More Fox Masks

  1. Light-up Fox Mask
  2. Fox Kitsune Mask

We’ve also thrown in some extra foxy accessories, as well as makeup, and other fun ways to express your foxiness.

Fox Accessories and Makeup Kits

Fox Makeup Tutorial

Fox Makeup Tutorial!

Fox Halloween Shirts

Fox Halloween shirts are for the minimalists out there. Don’t want to dress up this year? Why not show your fox love by wearing a spooky fox Halloween shirt.

These shirts will have you looking your best, for the party, for school, or where ever you intend to be a little spooky.

Fox shirts aren’t just for Halloween either. The good thing about a fox t-shirt is that you can wear them anywhere, any time of year!

Fun Fox Halloween Shirts

Let these spooky fox shirts speak to your dark soul, just kidding! We know you are just as lovable as our foxy friends. Keep your style going all year long with these fox Halloween shirts.

Fox Candy Stickers and Molds

Now to the deliciously fun part. Fox candy, stickers, and molds. This is a list of the best fox candies for Halloween, fox stickers, and molds, to make the coolest looking candy, gummies, and other fun stuff.

How cool would it be to hand out fox candy, in your fox costume, while everyone else is dressed up in boring costumes, eating boring candy? Extremely cool.

Halloween Candy Stickers and Molds

These stickers will be a hit in the candy bowl. Why just hand out candy when you can hand out candy with fox stickers!

This foxy mold will also blow your mind. Fox gummies, chocolates, and goodies. Need I say more?


Fox Costumes Plus Size

Fox costumes come in all sizes, even plus size! Don’t be shy this Halloween, show everyone you love foxes, with an awesome costume that you can have a ton of fun in. Bigger is better! Bigger pockets hold more candy, and a bigger tail makes a bigger impression!

Don’t limit yourself on the fun this Halloween, push it to the max. Dress up in one of these plus size fox costumes and show your loved ones and friends just how foxy you can be.

Plus Size Fox Costumes

  1. Plus Size Cozy Fox Costume
  2. Plus Size Fox Costume

Show off how much there is to love, and make everyone jealous, that they can’t be as much of a fox as you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are fox costumes just for kids?

Heck no! Fox costumes for kids are fun, but fox costumes for adults are even more fun! Show everyone just how foxy you can be.

Are fox costumes for babies safe?

These fox costumes are safe for babies. They are made of soft materials that you can feel good about. Even babies can be foxy.

Fox Halloween costume discounts?

Absolutely! Check this article for discounts on fox Halloween costumes, fox Halloween shirts, candy, and much more!

Do these costumes work for other occasions?

These fox costumes can be worn for any occasion, not just Halloween. Dress up for fun, for school, for plays, for cosplay, and anything else you can imagine!

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