How Do You Get Rid Of Foxes In Your Yard (Or Garden): Ultimate Guide

Foxes are actually omnivores, and will pretty much eat anything that they can get their paws on.

Typically, they reside in woodland and rural areas, but are incredibly hardy and resourceful creatures that will wander anywhere to try and find their next meal!

Foxes are scavengers and hunters by nature, and will often venture into urban and suburban areas in search of food. It is for this reason that some foxes can find their way into the backyard and gardens of humans, which can be a bit of nuisance. 

For instance, foxes can attack small animals such as rabbits or small animals in your backyard, and they are known for killing livestock such as chickens.

If you have any of these in your yard, then you will need to know how to deter and get rid of foxes.  

How to get rid of foxes in your yard

There are many reasons why you should get rid of foxes in your yard. They eat birds, small animals and can even carry rabies in some cases.

The only issue is, you need to exercise caution, avoid coming into contact with the foxes, and try not to harm them in any way.

The best way to get rid of foxes in your yard is to put up a bit of fencing. For instance, a net wire fence with openings of less than 3 inches can be used, as long as it is buried to a depth of about 1-2 feet.

This will stop them from entering your garden or yard entirely.

You can also try an electric fence if you have livestock as this will definitely repel foxes and keep them out of your garden or yard. 

You can also try using loud noises or strobe lighting to deter foxes, but they can come back. If you have a fox that keeps returning to your garden, then it is probably doing this because there is something it wants. 

Foxes typically only come into urban areas and built up areas for food, so make sure that you store all garbage and trash in airtight and locked containers so that they cannot get in.

In addition, ensure that there are no traces of food or pet food lying around in the backyard or garden. Also, keep bushes and shrubs properly pruned, and clear bushpiles, wood piles and other forms of cover and shelter cleared away.

This will generally give them no reason to return if there is no form of food, shelter or sustenance in your backyard. 

Finally, you may be able to use fox deterrents such as flashing lights or motion activated sprinklers that will spray the foxes with water and frighten them off.

If you have exhausted all other avenues, then you may have to call in an expert to remove the animal. 

What are foxes afraid of? 

It is not common for foxes to hang around in your garden or near your home if they are aware of you being nearby. This is because foxes have a natural fear of people, and a tendency to scamper away as soon as they see you. 

However, on the off chance that the foxes will not get out of your yard, there are a few things that you can do. For example, foxes can be easily startled or scared away by loud noises such as clapping, yelling or whistles. In addition, you can make yourself look big by waving your arms around (from a safe distance) in order to spook them and send them on their way. 

In some cases where they will not be scared or deterred, you could try squirting water at them to startle them, but you should not throw anything at them or harm them in any way. Other people have tried certain scents and smells to get rid of them. 

What smells do foxes hate? 

Foxes are very territorial animals, and will be put off by certain scents and smells. If you want to deter foxes from your yard or garden, then you can use certain smells to discourage them.

For instance, some people swear that vinegar works to keep foxes away, as it does not expire and the smell is rather strong and offensive to the nose. 

On the other hand, some people think that natural remedies work wonders to get rid of foxes. For example, you may be able to use chili pepper, garlic or capsaicin to keep foxes away from your yard. 

All you need to do is mix a little chilli pepper and garlic with some hot water, or with the vinegar and use a spray bottle to douse it around the yard.

Should you approach a fox in your yard?

The short answer to this is no, you should never try to approach a fox. Foxes can scare very easily, and attack if they feel threatened or cornered. Generally speaking, foxes are not a danger to humans, yet you should still approach with caution as they can scram, scratch and bite. 

Most foxes will avoid human contact as best as they can, but you can scare them off by clapping or shouting. They should then run away.

However, if you find a fox inside your home, you should leave open doors and windows so that it has a clear exit, and call your nearest wildlife control to come and rectify the situation. 

Chad Fox

Chad Fox is an author and researcher dedicated to bringing reliable information about foxes to the public. He supports animal sanctuary awareness.

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