10 Red Foxes That Are Majestic AF

Pictures of red foxes are widespread on the internet, and for good reason, they are Majestic AF! The red fox is the most well-adapted fox of all the species and has made a permanent home in our hearts.

Fox lovers like me will absolutely love this list of red foxes that I’ve put together to make your day just a little better. Foxes are part of a magical world where nature allows us a glimpse into its finest moments.

1. Red foxes are the most widely distributed fox in the world.

2. The red fox is one of the 12 true type fox species.


3. Red foxes are great parents that care for their young.


4. The red fox has a unique hunting style!


5. Red foxes sleep during the day and hunt at night.


6. Red foxes can communicate with their tails!


7. Red fox lovers tend to be the coolest people.


8. Red foxes use their dens for mating and raising kits.


9. Red foxes have multiple color morphs, red, silver, black.


10. Japan has a species of red fox called Ezo Red Foxes.


When it comes to foxes red foxes are definitely one of the cutest. We don’t discriminate though, we love them all! The red fox has crossed continents and has become the most widespread of all the foxes.

Their ability to adapt and survive is second to none and that alone makes them majestic af and resilient.

“And just like a midsummer nights breeze, she ran away, into the moonlight, a fox, proud and strong. The lone wolf walked away, saddened she was gone.”

– Jason Winchester

Foxes are beautiful creatures that are full of mystery and intrigue! Any time I see a fox in the wild my heart flutters. I know that it’s a sign that nature is keeping me in its circle.

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Chad Fox

Chad Fox is an author and researcher dedicated to bringing reliable information about foxes to the public. He supports animal sanctuary awareness.

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